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The Knife and Fork Club of Houston is a modern and contemporary counterpart associated with a history of dining and social clubs founded in North America.  When in 1606, Samuel de Champlain, the explorer, cartographer and historian, was faced with the danger of disease and boredom, a plan for good spirits and  good food met with success  as feasts fortified the bodies and the minds.  This was named “The Order of the Good Time”. 

Times have changed since those lonely days of the 17th century.  But the enjoyment of gourmet meals and affection of deep hospitality still lives.  So, the first Knife and Fork Club was chartered in Spokane, Washington, in 1936.  Founded by Benjamin Franklin, a descendant of the famous inventor of the same name.   They featured Senator Gerald Nye of North Dakota to speak to this group. 

The inaugural meeting of the Houston Knife and Fork club was held on March 5, 1947, in the Crystal Ballroom of the Rice Hotel.  Leonides "Leon" Jarworski was one of the founding members.  And thru the years we have met at the Houston Club, River Oaks Country Club, The Junior League, and Lakeside Country Club.  Today we enjoy the Houston Racquet Club. 

It has been said by many members of Knife and Fork Clubs, “It’s a class act”.  His Imperial Highness, Archduke Otto Von Habsburg of Austria described the members as the “elite of each city”.  And Dr Will Durant, America’s foremost historian and philosopher, epitomized the Knife and Fork Club as providing “Good Food, Good Company, Good Minds”.  Today, there are many clubs nationwide.

We have enjoyed a very distinguished group of speakers.  Some are:

Paul Berlin, Award winning Broadcaster                                                                Hon. George Bush, President

 Jeanette Clift George, Playwright & Founder of AD Players Theatre

Drayton McLane, Jr, owner of Astros Baseball                                                                      Marcella Perry, Banker 
Clare Booth Luce, Author, Politician, Ambassador                                                  Earl L Butz, Sec. of Agriculture 
Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, Attorney                                                                        Dr. Neal Frank, Meteorologist
Dr. Michael Economides, Educator, PE                                                                       James Drury, Television Actor
Bob Beaudreaux, TV Anchor                                                          Jon M. Lindbergh,  Aquanaut, Demolition Expert

Judge Patricia Lykos, 1st Female District Attorney, Harris County

Ray Miller, Journalist, “Eyes of Texas”                                                                               Deborah Duncan, TV Host

Edward P. Djerejian, Ambassador, Diplomat                                                                    Joe Mannke, Restaurateur

Dr. Neal Pellis, Scientist, NASA                                                                   Jack M. Rains, Attorney, Tx Sec of State  
Col. John Powers, “Voice of Astronauts”, NASA                                                                   Dr. Elliot Engel, Author

John Henry Faulk, Radio Host                                                                                       Herbert Philbrick, Counterspy

Dr. Billy Reagan, HISD Superintendent                                                                  Jim Greenwood, City Councilman

Howard Hartman,  Singer                     Jack Heard, Sheriff                                                          Louie Welch,  Mayor

Marsha Ivins, American Astronaut                                                           Dr. Walter H. Judd, Physician & Crusader

Don Kobos, TV News Director                                                             Dr Robert Stein, Professor of Political Science

Dr Richard Wainerdi, President  Tx Medical Center                                                     Ron Stone, TV News Anchor

And .  .  .  Lord Sackville, Sylvia Thompson, Archduke Otto Von Habsburg, along with many other accomplished people.


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